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Interior Designing

What Will Aaira Interiors Do For Me?

Karnataka Interiors undertakes to do up the interiors for non-resident owners and also for resident owners seeking to renovate their homes or to add furnishings, furniture and fixtures. Services cover interior design, fitting and finishing.

We Are On A Budget And I Have Always Thought That Interior Designers Were Expensive And That Only Wealthy People Use Them

Everyone sets their own budget suitable for their needs and desires. Aaira Interiors works within the limits of your budget and with respect to your needs. Our capabilities, skills and experience can address variety of issues from simple layout of furniture in a space to make it more efficient and pleasing, to color coordination of spatial elements to more complex issues such as custom designed items to augment existing furnishing and aesthetic taste.

How Long Will It Take For The Project To Complete?

Completion of the project depends upon various factors like the scope of work, complexity of the design, your own ability to make decisions using choices provided by the designer, level of planning done before actual construction, time at your disposal and flow of money.

Exterior Furnishing

How Durable Is Your Outdoor Furniture?

Our quality outdoor furniture is designed and built to withstand the elements. From the design of the frame, to the paint finish, to the fabric and core of outdoor cushions, our furniture is designed with outdoor use in mind. With minimal care, quality outdoor furniture can last decades.

What Do I Do If My Furniture Arrives Damaged?

Contact us immediately by phone or email; explain damage and we will handle immediately to your satisfaction


What are the advantages of a single-sided mattress?

A single-sided mattress does not ever have to be flipped. Rotating your mattress will redistribute the comfort layers, and this will maximize wear.

Are Memory foam mattresses suitable for people with a bad back?

Yes, memory foam mattress moulds itself to the shape of your back - relieving pressure points and giving you a more comfortable night's sleep.

Why are today's Mattress so thick?

Proper support and comfort are critical components of a mattress — it’s what makes for a great night’s sleep. New technologies and generous amounts of upholstery are specifically designed to support your body while reducing tossing and turning.

Bean Bag

What is a bean bag?

The Bean Bag is filled with virgin urethane foam that is specially cut into uniform pieces which enhances the comfort of the foam. The Bean Bag is made to engulf your entire body and will spring back after each use.

What are the different sizes?

We manufacture our foam bean bag chairs in 8 different sizes. We hope you take advantage of the multiple size options when choosing the right Bean Bag chair for your room or dorm.


How do I know what size Home Works blind I need to buy?

Measure your window size accordingly.

Can you suggest your best value Home Works Blind?

We would recommend the our Furnishing as excellent value for your money and versatility in your home


What kind of wood is the furniture made of?

Much of the furniture we carry is made of environmentally friendly engineered wood, which is a combination of bonded high-quality hardwood and soft wood materials that are applied to high heat and pressure. The result is dense, strong boards. Some furniture is made of solid wood. This is stated on the item page.

What do I use to clean the wood furniture?

Some pieces may be wiped occasionally with a damp cloth. As with any good piece of furniture, harsh detergents or abrasive cleaners should not be used, and spills should be wiped up immediately. For the specifics of a piece of furniture, be sure to consult the manufacturer's information that comes with it.

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